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Warrior athletes, regardless of skill or economic position, deserve the ability to participate and grow as athletes and young women

Warrior Email List

Are you registered to receive emails about upcoming practices, meetings, spirit wear???  Because we come from so many schools, this is how we will communicate with players and parents.  

Please use the links below to register with Warrior Lacrosse  for email communication for the 2017-18 school year



Our Sponsors

Would you like to sponsor the Warrior Girls Lacrosse Program?


Sponsored by Snarfs


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Thank you to Snarf's for feeding out players this season!

Sponsored by Ampersand Coffee

Ampersand Coffee

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Thanks to Ampersand Coffee for donating to our St. Patricks Day Breakfast!  


A fantastic website for you to check out: I Love To Watch You Play

Parent's Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook - join the Parent's Facebook group to stay up to date on what's happening

Coaching From The Stands

University of South Carolina Men's Basketball Coach Frank Martin discusses the reality of parents attempting to coach their kids from the stands.

Ask Coach Wolff

Rick Wolff is a nationally-recognized expert in the field of sports psychology and sports parenting. Often quoted by the media about the issues that face today’s athletes, Wolff has written and lectured widely on the psychological pressures that accompany America’s passion for sports.

Warrior Lacrosse Plays

Warrior Lacrosse Booster Club

Mission Statement: The specific objectives and purposes of the Warrior Girls Lacrosse Booster Club shall be to support the teaching, development, and promotion of the sport of lacrosse among high school age girls through programs that provide quality instruction, teach fundamentals of the game, further the skills of players, promote good sportsmanship, respect and the concepts of teamwork, competition, integrity, fairness, perseverance, and self-discipline, and further, to educate parents and the community about lacrosse and promote the sport on all levels.

Lisa Barnes - President

Kristin Richards  - Vice President

Keri Konold - Treasurer

Mary Fitzgibbon  -  Voting Member

Alison Harris - Secretary



Emerald Murphy

Centaurus Athletic Director

Todd Breithaupt

Head Coach

Warrior Lacrosse 2017-18

Warrior Lacrosse 2017-18